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  We Deliver the Firewood to You!


At Bellevue Firewood, we supply the homeowner with quality woods from the Northwest, and
We deliver right to your door!

We Stock mostly Maple and Fir.

Founded in 2011, Bellevue Firewood takes great pride in providing you the very best firewood sales & delivery in not only Bellevue, Washington but also the entire Seattle area! Whether you need a specific hardwood or softwood blend or just firewood for camping, entertaining and or heating your home, we pride ourselves in helping you build the best fire for every occasion. Fire Pits, your indoor fireplace, or out back on a nice cool Seattle night, you pick the location and we deliver!

With all the other hassles you have to deal with everyday why worry about loading and unloading a bunch of firewood for your home?

What We're About
     We sell only cut, split, seasoned and clean firewood.
     We are a full service company and have a 100% customer satisfaction policy that guarantees you have no problems.
     We deliver (on-time) any type and/or quantity of wood you desire, specializing in even small 14 piece orders to full cord orders.
     We deliver and stack your firewood wherever you need it to go for an extra fee, you don't even need to be home to have the wood
   dropped off!

James Barger

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