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My firewood business all started with a love for cleaning up fallen trees around the Northwest, and providing firewood for myself and other family members. That turned into charging small fees to friends and what was once a hobby has now become a small part time business selling different sizes of fire wood to fireplace users all around Seattle and the East side.

We started out super small & now it seems we are slowly growing as more and more people hear about my service.

What size firewood size should you get? It depends on what you are doing! Some of our clients only want us to deliver a small amount of firewood for that "special night" where they may be serving dinner at home, or entertaining.

On the other hand an elderly couple may need a cord of wood for the whole winter. It does not matter really because we do it all! Our smallest amount called the "one niter" is between 10-14 pieces of lumber and we just keep moving up in sizes from there until we get to a full cord of wood. The best part is, we deliver wood to your doorstep just like a Pizza!

We sell and deliver both "green" wood and "seasoned" wood and we deliver 12 months a year! Green wood is cut right before delivery and seasoned wood we allow to dry for a year. There are pluses and minuses to both types, but if you don't know you will probably always want "seasoned" wood because it burns great. For those of you "new to the northwest" types, Green wood is wood that has been recently "cut". The ONLY reason you would want to buy GREEN wood, is for NEXT YEAR or you add pieces of green wood to an established fire so that it burns longer. Some get a fire going with dry seasoned wood and once it is established will put green wood on top so that the fire lasts longer. Other clients get a cord of green word and let it sit in the garage for a YEAR for next season so that you pay a reduced rate. If you want GREEN for NEXT year, please email us.

Seasoned Wood on the other hand has been cut & split and allowed to dry for 6-9 Months before delivery. This means when you light it, it POPS and burns well and gets hot because its DRY! If you don't know what type, you probably want Seasoned wood because green is very hard to burn. We only mention it here because we have lots of green wood! We also work out deals for green wood. Why work out a deal? Well let's think about it. If we don't have to "dry" the wood for a year on our property and you have a garage and are looking ahead to next year (8-12 months in advance) then maybe we might drop the price a wee bit if you "dry" it yourself!

Please check our all of our sizes of wood below and if you want to place an order, call us at (425)-492-1747

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